About Us

We are 2 best friends from West Palm Beach, Florida that decided to pursue their passion for photography. We love making art and specialize in the details. We both have full-time jobs, Kim is an emergency responder, and Yisel is a pharmacist.

Read our interview with VOYAGE MIA on our start-up: Dreamer Photography (click me)

Some facts about Yisel:
– I have 2 yorkies (Princess & Armani), a patient husband, and a loving family that constantly supports and encourages me. I always make time to be with them. They are my biggest blessing.
I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I would say photography and travel kinda have a tie in the deepest chambers of my heart. Both of them are my priority and my passion in life. Sharing them with others fuels my soul.
– Passion fruit and macaroons make me smile. I love food. One of the best things I appreciate about traveling is experiencing different cuisines from all the cultures around the world, you could say it’s the foodie in me. I’m also a tea and coffee enthusiast, both are necessities in life for sure.
– The sunrise, the sunset, the stars, the moon, these all help me envision what’s organically important in life, and always recenter my purpose when it’s adrift.

Some facts about Kim:
-Straight out of the gate you should know… I am a true foodie. My palette yearns for exotic foods & fine sweets/sugars. Now you know my kryptonite, the way to my soul. 
-I’m far from an introvert. I will typically spark conversation with just about anyone. I love learning/engaging with new souls and hearing-your story, because we all have our own story. That’s what makes us all exceptionally unique. 
-A homebody I am not. I love to be out & about “running the streets” soaking in the sweet FL sun & fresh breeze. 
-I live for moments of closeness, real & genuine laughter & lastly those truly kindhearted people.

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