Hello Summer | Mini Session

It was a hot summer morning in June and our styled sessions fit right in. I had fun styling these set ups and even though the summer heat was blasting we got some amazing shots and had a great time. More summer sessions are in order this month and I can’t wait!

6 Months Old | Birthday Shoot

A handsome little boy turned 1/2 a year old and what better way to celebrate it than his own photoshoot. This little model rocked every photo. He was happy and smiling, until we placed him in the tropical bath, he did cry for just a minute, but this too shall pass and soon enough he was smirking away. The lemons, limes, and oranges were such a novelty he even tried to eat them! We had a fun time capturing the magic of Nicholas, Happiest of Birthday, you are LOVED.

This is 92 | Birthday Event

We had the privilege to celebrate Ralph’s 92nd birthday along his loving family and friends. The speeches were beautiful from the stories they told about Ralph, his anecdotes from Jamaica, his great heart and caring attitude. This surprise birthday party was a success, and we captured many forever memories for the family. Because, it’s not everyone who is blessed to turn 92 as healthy and as loved as Ralph. Cheers to many years more to him! Below find some favorites.

A Prom to Remember | Charity Event

Life is beautiful and fragile. Life is so ironic and the Universe always goes full circle, God has everything in the perfect place at the perfect time. Just 6 years ago in May I was at the same hospital completing my pharmacy school rotations at Jackson Memorial. Now this year, I got to visit Alex’s Place – University of Miami, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, but this time to continue to pursue another passion of mine, photography, and for such a great cause. How perfect is that?

“There has always been something magical about Prom. It is one of the most memorable nights for many teens – getting dressed to the nines in glamorous gowns or trend-setting tuxedos, riding in limos, dancing the night away, and celebrating with friends. For teens with cancer, this special event is one they often miss. For this reason, The Unforgettable Prom Foundation was founded in 2009 to give teens with cancer A Prom To Remember, the ultimate Prom experience, and a night they will never forget.
Every year, hundreds of teens in South Florida and Cleveland experience something many of us take for granted – their Prom! This night is a milestone occasion, a reason to celebrate! There’s just something special about getting dressed up, riding in a limo to the Ritz Carlton, walking down the red carpet with a celebrity to the sounds of applause, taking Prom photos, enjoying amazing food and dancing to the DJ playing the latest tunes…there’s simply no experience like this! ” A Prom to Remember (APTR)

When Karin from APTR contacted us, Dreamer Photography, to partake in this meaningful and inspiring event, we couldn’t wait for the day to come. It was such a memorable experience, to document such an important part in these teens life was priceless. Their strength and courage to endure the difficulties that they have had, their awesome personalities and beautiful smiles aside from what they go through daily. A Prom to Remember is really a unique moment in their life, where they can simply be teens, be pampered, have fun, and forget the world as they enjoy something a lot of people take for granted, “Prom”. It truly is heart warming when you can be a part of so many selfless efforts by so many great souls. The teens at Alex’s place were fun to photograph, and even more so, they were inspiring to talk to. This charity really brings hope to them and they are happier because of it. Bellow you’ll find some of the memories we captured this day.

You can donate and find out more about this amazing and inspiring event:

Simone + Rigoberto | Engagement

If there’s a Garden involved, I’m ready to go on the adventure. Simone and Rigoberto were such sweethearts. We traveled most of the garden marveling at all the beauty. From the amazing smell of the roses, to the koi fish in the pond, it was a great day. Here’s a small recap.

Jasmine | Quince Photoshoot

One of the most beautiful memories a girl can have are her Quince/Sweet Sixteen photos. You hope to look back on these when you are older and reminisce on those years when you transitioned from a teenager to a woman. The years when nothing was too serious and everything was bliss. When Jasmine asked me to photoshoot her for her Quince photos I was super happy, even more so because she informed me she had went to Cuba to take her photos and she wasn’t too content with them. We had a lot of fun, played with smoke, got sandy and wet. I loved this session, we laughed endlessly and I got to exert some of my creativity. She’s honestly so beautiful, inside and out. There were so many favorites, but here are a few.

The Dubberly Family

We met Sheri for a family session on a breezy clear sky day. They were the sweetest family with the cutest pretty eyed little girl. We laughed, we sang, we danced, we ran, we explored, but most of all, we loved documenting these memories for them. Here are some shots we loved.

BFF is Mom | Mini Session

Our hearts were full of joy as we captured all the love between these moms and their children. The purest form of love, a selfless, true and ever giving love. Here at Dreamer Photography, mothers hold a special place in our hearts. Mothers are our best friends, our partners in crime, our shoulder to lean on, our teachers, our source of knowledge and power, our cheerleaders, our counselors, our chefs, but most of all mothers are our heroes. Without them life would be much harder, life wouldn’t be as sweet. Thankful for all those moms who rock at the hardest job on earth, raising a little human. We love you, we see you, we appreciate everything you do.

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful souls we have the privilege to call MOM!

Spring has Sprung | Mini Session

We had such a fun time creating this Spring and Easter inspired mini session! We had 2 special appearances by guests of honors Snowy the hoppy bunny and Pio Pio the chirppy chick. The kids and parents alike had a lot of fun during the session. It was a joy to see them smile. Spring is here, and we couldn’t be happier with this session, not even spring showers stopped this magic from happening. Thankful and blessed to capture beautiful photographs for these 7 amazing families. And like out of a fairy-tale, here are some favorites.

Bubbles and Spice | Boudoir

Bubbles and spice…and everything nice. We had this idea. Host boudoir sessions called “Bubbles and Boudoir”. “Add some spice to your life with these spicy and classy photography sessions that allow for your self confidence to shine.” We feel that women are becoming more and more self conscious about themselves because of social media and the constant reminder by magazines and television models about how to look “perfect”. But we want something more for our women, we want them to be free in who they are, to feel at touch with themselves and their beauty, to understand that the depths of our being reside within our hearts and our mind. That beauty goes deep within these realms of our mind, they are intricate and connected and perfectly imperfect. We want women to embrace their skin, their thoughts, their strengths, but most of all their ability and capability to be AMAZING. We want you to fall in love with your mind and your body. Learning to love yourself is a journey, and we want to help you with memories that can constantly remind you of the magic you possess. Because every women is BEAUTIFUL.
Boudoir sessions can also be gifted to significant others, maybe on your wedding night, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. You can even schedule a “Bachelorette Boudoir” session with your bridesmaids, or a girls day. And if you have any doubt in your head wether you should do one, the answer is YOU 100% HAVE TO! I promise it will be one of the happiest and funnest experiences of your life. Our boudoirs are tasteful, sensual, classy, and most of all FUN.

Bellow you’ll find samples of an empowering project. Who run the world?

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