Bubbles and Spice | Boudoir

Bubbles and spice…and everything nice. We had this idea. Host boudoir sessions called “Bubbles and Boudoir”. “Add some spice to your life with these spicy and classy photography sessions that allow for your self confidence to shine.” We feel that women are becoming more and more self conscious about themselves because of social media and the constant reminder by magazines and television models about how to look “perfect”. But we want something more for our women, we want them to be free in who they are, to feel at touch with themselves and their beauty, to understand that the depths of our being reside within our hearts and our mind. That beauty goes deep within these realms of our mind, they are intricate and connected and perfectly imperfect. We want women to embrace their skin, their thoughts, their strengths, but most of all their ability and capability to be AMAZING. We want you to fall in love with your mind and your body. Learning to love yourself is a journey, and we want to help you with memories that can constantly remind you of the magic you possess. Because every women is BEAUTIFUL.
Boudoir sessions can also be gifted to significant others, maybe on your wedding night, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. You can even schedule a “Bachelorette Boudoir” session with your bridesmaids, or a girls day. And if you have any doubt in your head wether you should do one, the answer is YOU 100% HAVE TO! I promise it will be one of the happiest and funnest experiences of your life. Our boudoirs are tasteful, sensual, classy, and most of all FUN.

Bellow you’ll find samples of an empowering project. Who run the world?

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